Bobcat Powerlifting

The boys and girls made up of mainly rookie and veteran lifters had a great showing.  The girls did a phenomenal job with every girl lifter bringing home some hardware.  The boys team did equally well.   

Placing for the Girls:  Alexis Farias 2nd, Amber Gonzalez 3rd, Denise Gallegos 5th, Emily Martinez 1st, Emma Martinez 3rd, Kloe Cavazos 4th, Kylee Torres 2nd, Lilly Salinas 4th, Nicole Herrera 5th, Randi Garcia 2nd, Salma Botello 2nd, Serena Quinones 2nd, Stacy Davila 2nd

Placing for the Boys: Christian Lozano 2nd, Efrain Gutierrez 2nd, Isaac Ortega 1st, Joseph Anderson 5th, Josh Laster 1st, Manuel Ramirez 3rd. Ruben Rodriguez 4th, Samuel Lashbrook 4th

Completing a perfect lift and earning the coveted  9-up award were:  Emily Martinez, Joseph Anderson, Lilly Salinas, Samuel Lashbrook

 Notables: Kristian Aguilar and Rene Zamorano finishing in 6th place. 


Congrats and we are very proud of your efforts.